How to Use Thread Protectors and Achieve the Best Results

When you buy a thread protector, most suppliers provide users manual, which you have to read and understand all the information therein. The information contained in the manual often relates to descriptions and instructions to help you achieve the best results from your protector.

thread protector

Since there are many suppliers in the market, it is important that you work with a reliable company that supplies a wide range of pipe thread protectors. With a reliable supplier, you may get additional information on how you can use thread protector for the best results, as well as what you can do to avoid damage. All the same, using thread protectors involve the following three stages:

Mounting the protector

At the time of selection, you need to select an appropriate size of thread protector for the pipe. If the sizes do not match, you fill find it difficult to mount the protector as required. Before you mount, wipe any excess dust, grease, and dirt that may be on the pipe thread.

Thread protectors are available in different designs such as Tector and more. You need to know which type you work with and if it is easy to clamp and unclamp. If it needs clamping, do that and slide the protector over the pipe. Ensure the protector is in the right position and engage the clamp accordingly.

After clamping the protector in the right place, the clamping handle should be in parallel position to the pipe’s cross section to avoid causing any obstruction or slipping out of place.

Adjusting the protector

Used in oil drilling equipment or other tubular goods, thread protectors can become too loose for the pipe on which they are used. In such circumstances, you may need to do a little adjustment so the protector can stay in position. Simply unclamp the protector and use a socket wrench of the right size to loosen or tighten the adjustment nut.

If the protector is loose on the pipe threads, rotate it in a clockwise direction. On the other hand, if the clamping handle does not close completely, rotate the protector in an anticlockwise direction. The adjustments need to take place at small increments of just no more than two complete rotations of the nut at any given time.

If you adjust the protector but it fails to achieve a proper fit, check again whether the sizes of the protector and the pipe threads match. If they match but still no proper fit is achieved, the protector may have passed its useful life and therefore needs replacement.

Disassembling the protector

When you have to remove the protector, check for valuable information in the user’s manual about how to disassemble it. In most cases, it involves removing the adjustment completely and removing the nut and the washer. However, it is advisable to get appropriate information from the user’s manual because the protectors are different in sizes and design, including screw thread protectors.

Buying the right thread protector for pipes is the best way to protect the threads from damage, especially if the pipes have to move from one place to another before they are used. For the best thread protectors you can check

Why You Shouldn’t Skip On Dust Collection

The dust collection process is a simple routine that entails the dust being vacuumed from your site into a proper reservoir where it can be stored and disposed of later on. It’s a simple process that deserves some serious consideration in your workplace. Of course, it is all about ensuring that the dust doesn’t get in anyone’s airways or eyes while keeping your workplace comfortable. However, there are many other things that come with the process for the collection of dust that you deserve to take a look at. The truth is that the dust that goes around your work site can be a fire hazard and may surpass many protective materials that your workers wear. You need to make sure you use a collection process as carefully and effectively as possible so your space will be safe and less likely to struggle with serious problems.

Keep A Fire Hazard Down

Many people forget that the collection of harmful dust materials can help in keeping a space safe from fires. The dust that spreads in an industrial size can become a fire hazard as it can spark fires when it becomes too hot. The fact that this dust can spread quickly makes it easy for these fires to start in just about any space. This is especially problematic in industrial sites where extreme amounts of heat may be used. However, you can find dust collection processes to help you keep this from being a serious burden in your space.

Remember that the dust in a spot can be triggered by heat and oxygen to catch fire. Having a collector keeps your property safe from risks relating to the dust in a spot.

It’s Hard To Breathe

Dust can also be a serious irritant to people all around a spot. Dust is so small that it can get into airways rather easily. In fact, it is so small that even the best possible protective materials that you can wear at a worksite may not be enough. Some dust materials may seep through protective equipment and keep it from being safe and easy to wear. A dust collection process will be a necessity to keep the airways in a spot from being far too difficult to handle. Visit

Keep Your Space Clean

It’s often easy for dust to spread to just about every spot in the workplace. Dust is very light in weight and has enough small particles to make it easier for your space to become dirty and harder to handle. This in turn could make it easier for your space to be dirty and harmful in some manner.

However, a dust collector can help with clearing out old particles and materials in a space. This in turn should help you get the most out of anything you are using without being too dirty or otherwise complicated for you to handle and use in your workplace. All that dust can move into very specific spots in your workplace so it will stay clean and safe from all sorts of harmful materials that may spread around different spots where you are.

You must use a dust collection system in your workplace to ensure that nothing wrong will come about in the process of getting your space cleared out and cleaned up the right way. You can contact DMS at 1300 990 808 or to learn more about what you can use to get dust cleared out in your workspace.

Streamline Your Nutraceutical Business Needs With an ERP Solution

The nutraceutical industry is a fairly new field and as a result, there are numerous gaps in the knowledge base in the industry. This new field of heath products and functional foods poses a challenge not just to the businesses trying to break into the new markets or create new market but also to government and regulatory authorities who face a challenge monitoring an industry that lies halfway between foods and pharmaceuticals. Dietary supplements manufacturers are generally accepted to comply with certain manufacturing practices which are specific to the dietary supplement manufacturing industry. There are generally stringent manufacturing standards and regulations that companies in this niche must comply with. In spite of the strict regulation, the field of nutraceuticals is one that is growing rapidly as consumers explore more health options. The demands, as well as the complexities of the nutraceutical industry, mean manufacturers now have to opt for nutraceutical ERP solutions in order to fully optimize their production and distribution processes.

Nutraceutical ERP

The nutraceutical ERP chemical manufacturing software solutions generally has all the core industry capabilities and functionalities that you need in order to ensure an efficient production and distribution process including traceability, flexible BOM, powerful inventory management functions, batch process manufacturing features along with robust business management features. If you choose the chemical manufacturing industry ERP software from the right vendor with experience in the nutraceutical industry, you can have an ERP solution that will be sufficient to run the entire business.

The nutraceutical manufacturers can use these automated ERP solutions in order to consistently offer their customers top quality services, accurate order processing, formulation and innovation, nutritional analysis of the nutraceutical products while also ensuring you are meeting your regulatory compliance obligations when you are using this software tool. Applying a nutraceutical ERP solution in your manufacturing processes will guarantee operational consistency in your business along with efficient utilization of your resources. You can have an in-depth visibility of the chemical and business processes involved in the nutraceutical processing by bringing all information onto a single front. Check out Process Pro Erp.

These ERP chemical software solutions can also serve a wide segment of the nutraceutical industry including the dietary supplements market niche, natural foods, organic foods, functional foods and sports drinks. Other industry niches covered include vitamins, natural cosmetics industry, cereals, soups and the herbal remedies industry.

An ideal chemical ERP software solution should include the following functionalities:

Formula Management System: This should have features such an instant nutritional analysis, instructions for manufacturing, wastes, co-products and by-products. There should be the incorporation of enhanced security features along with real-time formula sizing.

Quality Control: The nutraceutical industry grapples with lots of quality control issues and how to enforce credible and reliable standards. Quality control should, therefore, be enforced in  the ERP solution in order to eliminate the slightest of slip-ups and ensure conformance with expected results.

Robust Product Development FunctionalityThe nutraceutical industry is one that is still experiencing lots of growth and innovation so R&D should be an important component of a nutraceutical ERP solution with powerful and reliable computerized formulation and interactive analysis of product properties that are developed and manufactured.  Other useful features include the following:

  • A reliable lot and tracking solution
  • Batch sizing and scaling that is highly effective
  • Compliance features: the ERP solution must have the ability to satisfy all compliance requirements
  • Extensive multi-phase accounting features

A good nutraceutical solution will streamline your processes and give your business a significant edge over your competitors. Ensure it has also the requisite features to deliver on your needs and requirements. Visit them online at HTTP://WWW.PROCESSPROERP.COM/PROCESS-MANUFACTURING-INDUSTRIES/PHARMACEUTICAL-NUTRACEUTICAL-MANUFACTURING-SOFTWARE/.

Reputation and Reliability: OCTG

The connections between tubular piping is critical. This is especially the case if the piping is used in very challenging environments. This is the case in the Oil and Gas industry, along with Mining and Water Management. The Oil and Gas Industry is increasingly moving into the Arctic or deep sea locations. This pushes technology to its limits. OCTG  is one of the world’s leading companies in providing “finishing” for API Standard Tube Mills. This includes threading, non destructive testing and now heat treatments.



Two general points are important here. For those who can remember the huge disaster in the Caribbean with BP oil, it was clear that there were real oversights in their drilling of the oil off shore. This led to an appalling ecological disaster and massive insurance claims for BP. Any short cuts or lapses in the maintenance of tubular piping connections or drill pipes could have very large, unforeseen consequences.

The second point is that the North American continent is now at the start of a new oil boom. This is through the exploitation of “fracked” oil and the push to use shale oil. Again, maintenance and general good house keeping should not be overlooked.

So protecting the connections at the end of tubular piping is also critical. Any damage to external or internal screw threads or to the flanges, especially when the piping is being set up in a difficult location, could result in quite serious consequences. At best, this would result in a lot of inconvenience for any company or contractor.

Essentra specializes in pipe protection technologies for OCTG tubular piping. This covers external and internal threads along with pipe flange protectors. They use advanced injection molding techniques again with the use of CNC. Engineer grade thermoplastics are used as well as propriety resins and polymer alloys. The protectors will be quick to attach.  All the threads will match perfectly.

A drill pipe is essential in boring out holes. Therefore, again when not in use, it is very important to protect the drill pipe. Essentra can offer two possibilities in both heavy duty steel or plastic. The drill pipe is also supplied by OCTG. These cover a range of different functions. There appears to be a large range of suppliers.

Take this a stage further and look up “a drill pipe in Houston” and the range of suppliers in Yellow Pages is huge.

Refining the search further to find an OCTG drill pipe in Houston and there are a number of companies specializing solely in OCTG drill pipes. The company specifically registered as part of OCTG seems to be R&D Pipe Company which appears to be a main supplier of OCTG drill pipes. Again, given the importance of this major capital purchase, it would be advisable to research very carefully into a truly reputable and established company. Given the increase of “fracked oil” in the US, then new companies may well be moving into this market.

Contact details for OCTG are:

Web site


9200 Sheldon Rd,

Houston TX,

(281) 456 – 9057

Essentra has offices in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Scotland UK.

Their web site is:

For reference: (drill pipes Houston)
R&D Pipe Company

Tel: (281) 355-6782

Your Guide to Buying Ball Valves in Sydney

Looking for the ball valves Sydney products? The valves and other flow control devices are generally built for regulating the flow in the fluid-filled systems. They keep them at a desired set level by controlling both the flow and the pressure of the fluids passing through the passageways of the systems. Fluids do vary based on the system in which you want to regulate the fluid flow. For example, it can be liquid, gaseous, slurries and even the fluidized solids in the systems. When buying the Sydney ball valves, you, therefore, need a very good idea on the kind of valves that you want. There are certain valves in the market that perform very simply ON/OFF actions while some are a little more complex in both design and functionality. If you are in the market for the ball valves in Sydney, here are some of the main tips that you may put into consideration:

The size of the valve

Ball Valves Sydney

This is the most important factor that you will need to know when you are planning to buy your valves. Determine the right size that you will need for your applications. The stainless steel valves generally come in the sizes of ½” to 2” which denotes the international pipe sizes or IPS. For bigger sizes than this, you will require certain special valves that can handle the large diameters.


This is the second most important factor that you need to consider when you are shopping for the ball valves Sydney devices. Determine the amount of pressure that your application requires as you will have to buy a valve that can support that kind of pressure otherwise you will be shopping for another valve soon. The pressure that can be handled by a particular valve generally differs widely depending on various factors such as the size of the valve, the material and the manufacturer of the valve amongst others. For the metallic valves such as the stainless steel valves, this pressure rating of a particular valve is generally called the WOG rating. It refers pressure rating that the valve can handle when it is carrying fluid such as oil, gas or water.

The Port

This is another key consideration that you need to look at when you are planning to buy the ball valves Sydney devices. Look at the port design. The port, like all ports, is simply the opening in the ball valves that allows the fluids to flow through.

You will pick from two main kinds of ports. These include the standard ports and the full ports. The valves with the standard ports are built with ball ports which is smaller in size than the pipe surrounding it. This kind of port will cause some restriction in the flow of the fluids. In the full port ball valves, the opening in the valves is of the same size as the pipe surrounding it and you can expect an unrestricted flow of fluids in these kinds of valves. Both have areas where they are best suited for application.

In Sydney, you can find top-notch quality ball valves at Armstrong. The company supplies various kinds of ball valves that can be used with water, gas and even chemicals. Their valves are antistatic and fire safe and built with a full-bore design to guarantee maximum efficiency in the regulation of the fluid flow. You can sample out the various Armstrong’s ball valve models at

Get the maximum out of your Gold coast holidays with party tours

When you plan to spend your holidays at Gold Coast, you need to cross check all the entertaining activities which you can enjoy. Too many amazing activities wait for you the moment you make your reservations. When you head towards such a dynamic location, it becomes easy to get wrapped up in all the exciting activities, and this can make you neglect the most crucial event. You can get the greatest vacation experience with the Gold Coast party tours.

The amazingly scenic region looks all the more beautiful during the night. Travellers are supposed to allocate at least 2-3 days to the outdoor adventures and activities they prefer. A night spent on the beach can offer excellent relaxation and enjoyment, and if you are inclined to try something more hip, then do not miss the night parties with dance and music. The weather at night is always extraordinary in the Gold Coast.

gold coast party tours

Visit some of the hottest night clubs with party tours

If you wish to visit the hottest night clubs in the Gold Coast region, then you are bound to enjoy great excitement with the most experienced party hosts and MC. Even the schoolies can enjoy an outstanding party week of the life in the Gold Coast. School goers can party in the hottest night clubs. They can hangout at Gold Coast along with the other guys and girls from around the globe. The party tour incorporates the best and the biggest clubs in the Surfers Paradise where you are free to drown yourself in the fun party games, discount vouchers and heaps of giveaways. You can party along with 4000 school leavers and make the schoolies 2015 the most memorable party week of your entire life.

The rockstar entry treatment at a Gold Coast party

With the Gold Coast party tours, you will experience the most rockstar kind of a treatment. You will be given the free VIP entry to the best night club in the Surfers Paradise, where you can have fun with the bunch of wicked schoolie fun games, and other exciting activities. Then, there are hangover parties at Gold Coast where you are offered 4-5 VIP entries to the 4 or 5 hottest night clubs. Then, complimentary drink will be offered at every venue, and the crazy party staff will entertain throughout the night. There will also be a photographer who will capture your fun moments at the party. Be prepared to enjoy the pole dancing, a dancing stage where you can dance up to a storm with laser lights shining all around. The party tour will certainly offer you the experience of your life that can be cherished throughout.

Explore the picturesque Gold Coast with party tours

It hardly matters whether you wish to have a look at the amusement park during your stay or the night parties, outdoor adventurous activities or simply the VIP treatment in some of the best nightclubs, you can have it all with the Gold Coast party tours. When you visit the Gold Coast, you just cannot afford to miss the party tours here.

Great Barrier Reef Liveaboards – The Liveaboard Diving Experience of a Lifetime!

Live-aboard dive cruising is one of the most popular and most thrilling activities that you can have in the Great Barrier Reef and nearby reefs. The best thing is that you can find some cheap Australia liveaboards offers and deals that allow you to enjoy this exhilarating experience without breaking the bank. With these cruises, you will be able to experience some of the cheapest and remotest parts of Australia.

cheap Australia liveaboards

The main attraction here is Australia’s Great Barrier Reef which is also a world-heritage site. It is a remarkable and alluring Australian destination that attracts thousands of tourists every year. The Great Barrier Reef is often described as the largest living organism in the world and it is even visible from the outer space even though it is situated under water.

Here, you can experience the magnificent beauty of the vibrant corals which harbor this fantastic reef. It offers great biodiversity and you will surely not have enough of the beautiful living things that are found here. These include the minute critters and even the giants of the ocean. You will encounter creatures here that are both gentle and fierce and of course everything in between. With the cheap Australia liveaboards, you can look forward to an exhilarating Great Barrier Reef experience on an economy budget.

The great thing about the cheap Australia liveaboards diving excursions is that this is something that you can experience all year round. The tropical waters that are found here are almost calm at all times to allow you great diving at all times. There is a plethora of marine life that you will be able to view here along with a host of activities that you will be able to indulge in if you love outdoor-sy stuff. Some of these activities can be experienced in the Australian city of Cairns which is popular for its SCUBA diving tours. This tradition or heritage of diving means that you can always look forward to very memorable Aussie diving on the Great Barrier Reef. In some special seasons, you can see some truly memorable stuff such as the Minke Whales or Coral Spawning.

Touring the Great Barrier Reef

This is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the cheap Australia liveaboards diving tours. The Great Barrier Reef is situated off the northern coast of Queensland. It stretches over 2000km and includes very good quality diving sections. Whether you are experienced diver or a relative beginner, you will find the perfect sector on the Great Barrier Reef that will be most suited for your diving needs.

In order to get the best experience, it is important to choose a company that is the best in the liveaboards. This will allow you to fully experience the Great Barrier Reef as well as the remote location reefs which are situated in the Coral Sea. There are many other iconic sites that can be experienced in this part of Australia and you do not have to pay an arm and leg for it.

By booking for your liveaboard diving experience with a reliable company such as Dive Deals, you will be able to get the best experience assisted by fellow qualified divers who have an extensive experience in the industry. Check out Diving Australia to book quality liveaboard diving trips at some of the best rates that you can find.

A Horizontal Falls Flight Can Be Fun For All

As one of the best spots in the Kimberley around on the northeastern end of Western Australia, Horizontal Falls is a fascinating and beautiful space that is worth flying over. The impressive flowing water between the two gorges at Talbot Bay is a fascinating thing to see during a Horizontal Falls Flight. Today you can reserve a flight to head out over one of the best places around.

How Does a Flight Work?

A flight in Horizontal Falls will entail a simple itinerary:

·        A flight will start out southwest of the falls in Broome.

·        You will head over the King Sound en route to the falls.

·        At this point you will go over Horizontal Falls and see the amazing body of water as it flows.

·        You will also go around Cygney Bay and Cape Peveque. Look for the beautiful lighthouse as you go by.

·        You can also go along many other amazing spaces around the coast. Lombadina and Beagle Bay are both popular sites to visit out here.

·        After this, you will land back at your original destination in Broome. You can even head over to Eco Beach after you land to spend some time out there if you wish.

This is a basic itinerary for a flight Horizontal Falls has for you. It will give you a great experience unlike anything you could ever see. Your Horizontal Falls flight experience will be a real thrill that is exciting and fun to try out when you’re looking to do something very special while out in this part of the country.

Horizontal Falls Flight

Horizontal Falls Flight

What’s With the Plane?

The best Horizontal Falls flight experience to get can feature a quality plane that will move you along the area quite well. Specifically, a good plane will feature the following:

·        A plane will be small and can handle up to seven passengers at a time, thus giving you an intimate ride over the area.

·        The wings will be high, thus giving you the best possible views of the ground while in the safety of a secure and enjoyable cabin.

·        You can get headsets that feature microphones so you can hear the pilot’s commentary over the region and have a bit of fun while out in the air.

·        You can even get some fine refreshments for many parts of your flight. A good in-cabin service that offers full drinks is available in a number of cases.

·        This is all done through the control of a pilot who is appropriately certified with an Australian Commercial Pilots License and has made it through all the tests that one could have to go through in order to make it places in the air.

If you have ever wanted to go on a Horizontal Falls flight then you should get in touch with Kimberley Aviation. This company offers air flights and safaris to many amazing spots around Australia’s most remote regions. You can contact Kimberley Aviation for a flight booking at or by calling at 0429 112 407. You can also write in at PO Box 2486, Broome, Western Australia 6725. For more information just visit this website at

Fall in Love with the Latest Love Seats

Spain is indeed one of the most romantic countries in the world. With this in mind, furniture is given a more appropriate approach in the form of the Barcelona love seat. What can be more romantic than sharing a seat with the person you love?

By popular definition,  these chairs are: intended for only two people, small and compact in size, and best for cuddling and comfort. It was known in the 1800’s during the Victorian era when women wore heavy dresses and skirts, that were too uncomfortable to walk around with. The best relief from this situation was a comfortable chair they can slouch on and fall back. Before the term Barcelona love seat was known, these couches were simply referred to as wide seats that can hold a person wearing a thick garment.

Love seats before were just two-seater couches or sofas – a miniature of the typical home couch. It had the same frame, material and design, with the only difference of being smaller in size. Rather than the long couch or the single-seat couch, it had the size in between of those two. With the modern interior and furniture design today, this has innovated to modern versions. What is there in store for the modern home owner? How can the Barcelona love seat fit the contemporary home and way of living?

Contemporary furniture is all about sleek edges and minimalist designs. The latest in these unique pieces of furniture, is the silhouette love seat which is shaped to fit the curve of the body upon sitting down. The back is comfortably reclined while the seat itself is straight but with curves on the part where the back of the knees will fall. Two people can comfortably relax on the chairs, with no worries of feeling sore even after long hours of sitting down. A single-seat version of this is also seen in eames office chair and eames DSW chairs, making it a perfect choice for a minimalist-type of office.

eames DSW chairs

Forget about cotton-covered love seats or wooden love seats, because the latest versions make use of the classic leather. The leather love seats come in three colors – antique brown, black and white. With the front part using leather, the back of the seats are made with aluminum to give the look a modern appeal. Leather and metal combined make the perfect modern interior design for both the home and the office.

Together with leather, plastic and fiberglass can also make a great choice for material as long as it is used with metal and aluminum. The perfect example is the eames DSR chair that offers a clean and edgy look to any room but more so in the dining room because of the height that it provides.  The base is also used with chrome which is the reason behind the popular nickname. the “Eiffel Tower”. Although, these usually come in single seats, it can also make a great idea for love seats, if you want yours custom-made.

Fact Sheet on Gold Coast Family and Holiday Accommodation

Planning a family vacation in the Gold Coast is an exciting prospect. However, proper planning is important when you intend to spend some time off in the Gold Coast, one of the top tourist destinations in Australia. Thousands of tourists flock here every year and it can be difficult to book Gold Coast family accommodation when you visit during the peak season. Despite the many options of apartments, holiday rentals or villas in the Gold Coast, these accommodation options can be booked fairly quickly.

Gold Coast Family Accommodation

Use this fact sheet guide to help you understand the level of demand for holiday rentals Gold Coast. Plus, you can get tips on how to plan the perfect holiday without stress!

Quick Facts on Gold Coast Accommodation

•    About 60-70% of Gold Coast family accommodation options are booked by permanent residents.

•    Most apartments and the best holiday houses Gold Coast are booked a season in advance, especially for families who have a definitive vacation schedule.

•    A huge percentage of accommodation facilities in the Gold Coast are tied with tour group operators and travel companies. This makes it more difficult to book holiday homes Gold Coast and stressing the importance of booking in advance. Walk-in accommodation is almost impossible.

When to Book

Given the statistics above, it is clear that advanced booking is a must. The next key question to ask is this: how far in advance do you place your booking? The peak season is during Christmas to the New Year holiday period. If you plan on traveling to the Gold Coast in Australia for a vacation with your family, you should have booked your holiday accommodation at least 4-5 months prior. This is all the more important when you are planning to book on top destinations such as the Surfers Paradise or Broadbeach.

When you are planning to book during the mid-season, sometime between September to October, you can place your bookings about 3-4 months before expected arrival. This time frame is generally recommended for most types of bookings to also give you time to plan your budget.

Additional Tips

When booking an accommodation for the entire family, check what is included in your booking. Basic amenities and inclusions are kitchen facilities, TV, air conditioning unit, bedroom, bath and toilet, among other things. Some holiday resorts also offer or can arrange airport transfer for you. Depending on the cost of these add-on services, you can include them or arrange them on your own. This is why advanced booking and planning is vital to make sure that everything is settled even before you arrive.

To spare yourself from the stress and hassle of booking Gold Coast family accommodation, choose Burleigh Beach Towers. This fully self contained accommodation option provides several choices based on your budget and the number of guests. It also comes with an ideal location, which is a few meters from the beach and top tourist destinations in the Gold Coast area. To check out your options and corresponding rates, visit their official website at