Space-Saving Hacks to Maximise Your Home’s Space

Do you already have a picture of your dream home clearly in mind? Is it one of those casual and breezy seaside abodes that also exude an elegant and urban vibe? If yes, you’re probably looking for one of those custom-built Hampton style homes Australia has in store for you! But your next concern now is your small land area. How can you fit a large and spacious house design into such a small space? Don’t worry! The key here is to apply some space-saving hacks to maximize your area. These are some options to get you started:

  1. Convert the space under the stairs into storage units.

Don’t build the stairs with solid material! You can actually have a built-in bookshelf under the stairs. You could convert this area as a space for pets, a rack for footwear, or study nook. Or you could set this space aside as storage for your handyman tools. Just discuss with the designer and construction provider about your preferences. This is a great way to maximise the services of the housebuilders Gold Coast companies have to offer.

  1. Choose your furniture pieces wisely.

The kind of Hampton style homes Australia has in store for you don’t need to have expensive furniture pieces. If you’re trying to make do with the little space you have, be wise with your choice of furniture. Ditch the bulky cabinets! Instead, opt for slim design book racks. You can even grab one of those folding bookshelves or those with modules you can assemble on your own as the need arises. For your kitchen, choose wall-mounted hooks instead of countertop containers for utensils. Go for overhead drawers. Even for the bedrooms, you can have chairs and beds that stack, nest, or those you can fold neatly during the day. See more at McCarthy Homes

  1. Opt for sliding windows and walls.

Unlike doors and windows that you need to push or pull, sliding doors and windows can make your interior space versatile. With this option, you can extend the living room area well into the kitchen if you have guests. Use thick thermal curtains for areas that need some privacy. This design also allows you to let in natural air and light, making your area spacious and breezy. And the best thing is that this design move is easier for new construction home builders instead of having those solid walls.

  1. Choose low seating furniture.

Avoid furniture pieces with tall frames. You can choose those low seating ones to create an impression of having a high ceiling. Opt for Japanese or Zen-inspired interior with low height tea tables and wicker stools instead of high chairs. Be sure to work closely with reliable Gold Coast builders in designing the interior and choosing the furniture pieces.

Hampton style homes Australia has to offer doesn’t really need to cost you a fortune. With careful planning, you can live in your dream home in no time. You might like to refer to McCarthy Homes to look at the design and building services that suit your style and budget preferences. The company has been providing Hampton style and custom homes for over 20 years already. For more details, check it out at: